“I swifted slowly over the tide,. and held hands with him. We swifted together. bound and adored, and I was in bliss.

I relucted to let him go, yet the tides grew stronger… That mighty current that parted us, the bliss shifted to ‘melancholy’.

The might of his amity pierced through my soul discerning for neverending bliss, beyond the oblivious horizons.”

“Happy valentine’s day”.




“I woke up into my daily chores,totally exhausted but yet the same.Then I came up to a point of understanding how boring life has become..”

This is how lives of a normal adult turns up to be but the real change depends upon our attitudes.

The ‘real’ existance is based on our efforts in keeping our ‘self’ projected , feeling self important and satisfied. But this rather is believed to be an ideal concept that really don’t exist. But that is not true.

The state of real existance is equivalent to a state of complete happiness of mind; The happiness that results not just in a smile but in ultimate peace.

The ambitions about being an adult fades upon being one.There is no more fire from within nor the will to take life forward to a further step.The person is then suffocated by the so called responsibilities,the neverending routines that put him in a state of ‘mere existance’.

Man suffers from the cancerous state of ‘lack of inspiration’ at some point of life.There is an absolute need to overcome this deathly state of mind.

Responsibility handled with love can make you feel younger.

Doing the simplest things you love will make you feel lighter.

And ultimately ,make sure when you smile your mind smiles with you.

‘Do more than just exist,live’

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